Friday, November 28, 2008


What a wonderful day, Thanksgiving! I believe this year was the best Thanksgiving I have ever enjoyed.

Now from the outside looking in one may really wonder why. It was sad having so many faces gone from the table. Yes, that brought tears.

But I stopped and started to count my blessings. And the list was very different than in years past. In the past my blessings had more to do with things and situations. This year I really did not care about any of the things I have. There was such a peace, calmness.

You see in past years I would be so stressed to get the meal done on time, everything perfect, wanting the food to all be done at one time etc. What a mess. This year I, no we (our 7 yr. old enjoyed cooking right alone side me) took things one dish at a time, it was such a joy and so peaceful.

In the evening as I deboned the turkey, I sat there wondering why this year was so different and such a wonderful different. I discovered how my relationship with Jesus has changed so much inside. I now have peace-true peace. And knowing where true hope lies. That raging rush of tense stress and perfection that can never be is gone. I realize I will never reach perfection, I am human.

True salvation and a true realization of who God really is. Knowing that the debt I can never pay has been paid. Knowing that who I am, is in Jesus Christ. I have known that-head knowledge. Praise God it has come to heart knowledge. God has been so faithful to keep working with me, He has never given up on me. Teaching me to trust believe on my Lord Jesus Christ. And knowing that my Hope lies in Jesus' return.

God has given me such wonderful spiritual blessings. What more could I want. Dawn

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Ernestine said...

Dear Dawn,

This is encouraging. Heart knowledge is comforting. I am happy to hear that your Thanksgiving was peaceful.
I love making the Thanksgiving meal, knowing how happy I am making my family. I am not ever perfect, though, and it is ready when it is ready. My husband does the turkey each year, even cutting it up and deboning it. I am just so blessed. I do not know what I would do without him.
It is good to see you writing with such joy. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Love, Ernestine :)