Thursday, December 18, 2008

Where am I?

I have not been very active lately. I have been doing a good job of staying away from the computer!!! We are not getting ready for another Wyoming trip. Lord willing Monday we will be loading up and arrive there before everything closes. Last time we went at this time of the year we arrived before everything closed. But we did not think about the stores closing early, so we went about doing some unloading, visiting, finally the girls were getting quit hungry. We headed back into town to find everything closed. We had to eat junk food from a gas station and thankful the next day we were able to eat at a relative's of my husbands. God provided. So who knows what this year's story will be.

These trips really are one of God's ways to teach me to trust Him. I was raised to have every detail planned before you leave the house. Right down to what I will wear every day, how much lotion, shampoo I will need, etc. Well when we go to WY, I know nothing until it happens. That is right I have no idea where we will sleep (yep, we take bedding-it just might be a tent and out house). Every trip is different and unique in it's own way. Oh, the stories...

One of my favorite. Two summer's ago-2007? I believe it was spring, where in the foothills of the mountains it still could get to be 40's or cooler. We were getting ready to head home, tired, lots of work yet to do to pack things up and the long drive afterward, with no place to stay and not enough cash to spend another night at a motel. Maybe it was 2006, anyway. We used bedding from the yard sale things to made beds. A tarp over our heads in case it rained, right there under the stars feeling the cool night breeze. I had a hard time falling asleep, I just keep staring at the stars. If someone told me my most romantic memory would be under those circumstances I would have laughed them off. Sleeping under God's stars and watching His power and beauty as I drifted off to sleep made all the unpleasant circumstances seem like nothing.

So as I prepare (mentally) for the upcoming trip I wonder what wonders does God have in store for this trip?


Hope a.k.a. Ernestine said...

Dear Dawn,

Thanks for your reply to my comment on your “Have You Ever” post.

This trip sounds quite interesting. It is good you have such a positive attitude about winging it…and putting your trust in God.

I love starry nights. I also love moon-lit nights that cast shadows everywhere. I am always awed by the brightness of the moon. I love taking a walk on such a night or very early on such a morning (around 4 a.m.).

I will pray for your trip.

Love, Hope :)

JesusRulzMe said...

Precious sister Dawn,

Are you back yet? How was your trip? I've been quite ill, so I haven't been around or able to "visit" for quite some time.

I hope God was magnified in your life during this trip.

I've made some changes and announced some new sisters who joined the study. Please stop by and read the latest post. :-)

Love you,

Blessed With 4 said...

I wish you a safe and blessed trip. I also want to wish you a happy and healthy New Year.
Hugs, BJ