Saturday, August 10, 2013

Trust and Commitment

Over the past few days I have been contemplating different aspects of trust and commitment. Many would say that we first learn to trust and about commitment from our parents, but it goes deeper than that. Why does it go wrong and how? We are spirit being-and we first learn from the womb. We may not know how to communicate what went on while we were still in the womb, but that is where we were created, by God, uniquely, individually, hand crafted with love by Love. We are all given a measure of trust and commitment in our DNA. It is there, now what we do with it. How we perceive the things that we are influenced by and by the experiences throughout our whole life, these things all started at conception. Think of this perception as our will. While searching the scriptures there is no perfect example of the perfect parenting to produce the perfect child. Oh, there are plenty of guidelines there to go by. In scripture there are imperfect parents with both perfect and imperfect children. There are perfect parents with both perfect and imperfect children. The end result truly lies in the will of the child. Now you might be asking what does that have to do with trust and commitment. Each person needs to know they cannot blame their family for how they turned out. We are all given DNA that is good in God's eyes; no one was created as a mistake. It all about how we perceive/ interrupt the experiences we have lived. Taking responsibility for where we are and who we are. God created each and every one of us to succeed - by His definition of success. We are all truly created equally. Embrace that in your life. When a person connects with the one who created them, when they start that relationship, as they walk that road of personal relationship with God the Father, God will as the person wills heal and draw out that which was not meant to be and to rise up the man or woman of God that He created them to be. How exciting to walk down the road of personal relationship with God. When we trust the one who created us, we then are able to trust others. This personal relationship with God our creator is the ultimate commitment. This relationship of trust and commitment allows us to trust others, how about being able to trust one self, all because of the personal relationship with God. The commitment that God initiated with us at the Cross was the start of something new for each and every one of us. That blood sacrifice has opened up the door to commitment with Him. This commitment on our end is all based on our will. Will we allow Him to speak to us, will we allow Him to heal our pains, will we cast all of our cares upon Him, will we leave those cares with Him, and will we surrender our every being? As we go through out each and every day God is leading us to situations that will require us to trust Him. How we respond decides the outcome for that situation. He gives us opportunity after opportunity to build our trust in the one that created us. And as we grow/build this trust muscle we will see and learn that trusting others hinges on how much we trust Him. If you find yourself not being able to trust people spend some time with God discovering the root and allowing Him to reveal to you how you can trust Him. He will and He does. Scripture is clear that God is our Protector - that is one of his names - JEHOVAH-SABAOTH. As we experience Jehovah Sabaoth, our trust in Him grows and we know no matter the situation that may befall me Jehovah Sabaoth is there taking care of His beloved. This is not to say that Jehovah Sabaoth will keep us from every trial of life, the New Testament is clear that trials will come our way. But knowing that what God allows is for His good, He already has a plan for your protection through any situation, He is our Savior, Our Healer, and there is nothing that is too big for Him. So trusting Him through the trials of life is how we trust those in our lives. He will protect. Our commitment with others can be only as deep as our trust in God. So where is your trust level today? Is it stronger than yesterday? Last month? Last year? The good news - it is never too late to start on the journey, God is a faithful God, the redeemer of Time. Blessings - Dawn

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